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Autochartist is a program that will inform you about upcoming movements in the market.

The patented technology allows search systems to monitor thousands of financial tools 24 hours a day. The system automatically identifies trading opportunities in the form of graphical models, Fibonacci models and key levels as they arise. Additionally, Autochartist offers PowerStats as a function that will give you a more accurate assessment of the risks and volatility of tools, with which you trade.

Technical analysis patterns:

  • Get audio and visual alerts when new and completed models are defined.
  • Use automatic forecast of price movements.
  • Use performance statistics to display performance indicators of the models for achieving the forecast.

Fibonacci patterns:

  • Get audio and visual alerts on the arising of the new and completed Fibonacci patterns.
  • Get the Golden Ratio graphic support and resistance levels.

Key levels:

  • The horizontal support and resistance levels are common for the important price levels. Key levels of Autochartist automatically determine these values of prices as a «Breakthrough» or «Approaching».

Use Autochartist to better understand the market, regardless of your trading experience.

How does it work? Watch the video

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